Thursday, November 10, 2011

Historical videos on Henry Wallace

The Real News Network did two videos last year recalling the political career of Henry Wallace, Vice President during Franklin Roosevelt's third term and the Progressive Party candidate for President in 1948. He is particularly remembered as a critic of the early Cold War policies the United States pursued.

Part 1 is called When the American VP Was Progressive 07/09/2010

Part 2 is called Is There Any "Wallace" Left in the Democratic Party? 07/10/2010:

The first video mentions an article Wallace published in the New York Times, The Danger of American Fascism 04/09/1944. Back when I was still in my first year of blogging, I used that article for a post about Wallace and the far right in the 1930s and 1940s, Henry Wallace on the threat of fascism in America 07/31/2004. Re-reading it now, I will modestly say that it holds up well.



Ed thurston said...

I think America needs another progressive VP or even a president. Having a progressive official will do well with other politicians who have a different political orientation.

dalia alaa said...

Lucky me I came across your website