Thursday, November 03, 2011

Obama oddities: Rick Perry's not the only ones saying weird things this week

From the A******** P**** story, Biblical Blunder At White House After Obama Said God Wants Jobs Bill Huffington Post 11/02/2011:

Obama started the debate earlier in the day when he took note of House action reaffirming "In God We Trust" as the country's motto.

"I trust in God, but God wants to see us help ourselves by putting people back to work," the president said.
That wasn't that bad, actually, but it does sound like a clumsy way to promote his jobs bill.

From Lesley Clark, Obama meets with Sarkozy, Merkel as G-20 tries to solve Greek debt crisis McClatchy Newspapers 11/03/2011:

It wasn't all business: Obama, who quipped before the meeting with Sarkozy that he was "hoping to come and see some movies," congratulated the French President and his wife, former supermodel Carla Bruni-Sarkozy, on the birth of their daughter, Giulia: "I'm confident Giulia inherited her mother's looks and not her father's, which I think is an excellent thing," he said.
Say what? Mr. French President, you're ugly!?


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