Thursday, November 03, 2011

So much for letting the Greek people vote on the destruction of their economy

Greek PM ready to withdraw referendum plan Aljazeera English 11/03/2011:

From TV Publica Argentina, Grecia retirará el referendum 11/03/2011 (Spanish):

Greece's current government is not the only one in danger of falling soon. Pressure mounts on Italy's beleaguered Berlusconi Euronews 11/02/2011:

Here's an English report from Germany on the European debt crisis, which features some footage of Occupy Frankfurt, The Euro Crisis and the Mood in Germany Deutsche Welle English 11/02/2011:

This is a German-language report from last on an interview with former EU Commision President Jacques Delors, one of an earlier groups of Eurpean leaders who were far more serious and responsible in constructing the European Union that Nicolas Sarkozy and Angela Merkel, who are rapidly wrecking decades of constructive developments in European unity. Still, Delors approves of the EU's latest Greek-impoverishment austerity plan. Delors: "Euro wird nicht scheitern" ZDF 10/27/2011.

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