Sunday, December 11, 2011

French Socialists call for resisting Angie's austerity politics

Miguel Mora reports for El País that the French Socialists are explicitly rejecting the deal that President Nicolas Sarkozy and the rest of the German-subordinated 26 members of the EU-minus-one accepted in the early hours of Friday morning. (Los socialistas franceses rechazan el acuerdo europeo por "injusto" 11.12.2011)

Based on an interview with Manuel Valls, spokesman for Socialist Presidential candidate for 2012, François Hollande, Hollande is opposed to the key demand of Princess Angie von Merkel that countries adopt binding regulations on budget deficits. Valls noted that if referendums were held on Germany's latest demands agreed to by the 26, the European peoples would likely reject them.

According to Mora, this was the first official reaction from the French Socialist Party. Hopefully, other democratic parties in Europe will quickly follow their lead.

This is not empty position. Sarkozy is Angie's junior partner in this disaster. And he needs Socialist support to pass the treaty he and Angie are trying to ram down the rest of Europe's throats. It takes a 3/5 vote in the National Assembly to approve the treaty, and the Socialists have a majority there.

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