Friday, January 06, 2012

Ron Paul fans vs. "China Jon", or, what Old Right isolationism looks and sounds like

Like I said yesterday, the Patriot Militia/Bircher crowd that are Papa Doc Paul's core supporters are not allies for a progressive movement except on the most narrow, technical basis that their views may occasionally coincide.

The relationship of this video to Papa Doc's own campaign is somewhat murky. But it's a good example of how the xenophobia and white racism of Papa Doc's base can be entirely consistent with their allegedly antiwar position. And does this ad sound antiwar to you? It's called Jon Huntsman's Values and has a YouTube date of 01/04/2012:

Sam Stein writes about the ad in Jon Huntsman Denounces Nasty, Jingoistic Video Allegedly Made By Ron Paul Supporters Huffington Post 01/06/2012.

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