Saturday, March 03, 2012

Now here's a grim thought for a Saturday evening. Or anytime ...

From Russ Baker, The Jeb Scenario: Can You Say "President Bush" Again? Alternet 03/01/2012:

Before anyone races to declare that Americans will not stand for another Bush presidential campaign—and certainly not for another Bush presidency—let me just say that they’d be sorely underestimating the Bush family.

The Bushes are nothing if not resilient. George W. Bush, he of so few qualifications but with his own distinctive Bush personality and formidable charisma, came out of the dust of his father's re-election defeat in 1992, stronger than his father ever was politically. And though W. is now persona non grata to many, his brother would come back as a significantly different brand. He’s widely regarded as more capable, much more focused, much better at delivering points. He’s able to pull off a kind of sober, reasonable persona, more stable than a Santorum or a Gingrich or most of the other contenders. Rich but not entitled. A kind of Romney—without the Romney.


A more competent Bush with the same bad ideas? No, no, nooooo-oooooooo.....!!!!

As Baker puts it, "the Bush clan is the ultimate representative of the game plan of the one percent of the one percent."

And Jeb ain't no maverick among the Bushies:

There’s a whole bunch of stuff concerning Jeb that any budding investigative reporter should find good teething material. In 1980, after his father’s election as vice president, Jeb set up the Bush family franchise in the Sunshine State, with its increasing national political importance. He promptly got involved with the wealthy Cuban exile community that had long and deep covert connections to his father, and that wanted continued access for favors. One of those Cubans, Armando Codina, a self-made millionaire, took the veep’s son under his wing, and Jeb was soon on his way to his own fortune in real estate deals that often did not pass the smell test. This was, helpfully, under the shingle of "Bush Realty" in case anyone did not already know his father was in the White House and that Jeb was "open for business."

These guys don't "beat around the Bush." They don't have to. As Jeb told the Miami News in 1983, “I want to be very wealthy–and I'll be glad to tell you when I've accomplished that goal.”
Jeb would be more than happy to put his brother's Predator State model back into action.


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