Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Argentina, Spain and YPF oil company

Here are several links to early articles on the proposal by Argentine President Cristina Fernández to compel the sale of a 51% majority ownership in the YPF oil firm, currently majority owned by the Spanish multinational Repsol. They are calling it an "expropriation", though there is an official governmental body in Argentina that will establish a price for the purchase of shares in YPF.

Rodrigo Orihuela, Argentina Will Seize 51% of YPF Under Fernandez Proposal Bloomberg 04/16/2012

The newspaper Clarín is bitterly "anti-K", as the Argentine press writes it, meaning anti-kirchernismo and specifically anti-Cristina Fernández de Kirchner, also commonly called Cristina and CFK in the press. Here are a couple of their early articles.

Cristina presentó el proyecto para expropiar el 51% de YPF

Clarín also provided a link on their front webpage Monday to an article about a vote by Cristina as a member of Congress in 1992 in favor of the privatization of YPF: Juan Cruz Sanz, El día que Cristina reclamó votar a favor de la privatización de YPF 04.04.2012

TV Pública Argentina provides a number of Spanish-language reports on the news, including these:

Cristina:"Corríamos el riesgo de transformarnos en un país inviable" 04/16/2012

Por la recuperación de YPF Dellatorre 2 04/16/2012

Análisis sobre la recuperación de YPF 04/16/2012 (also featuring Dellatorre):

Here is Cristina's speech after the official announcement of the legislative proposal, Cristina: "El modelo no es de estatización, sino de recuperación de la soberanía" 04/16/2012:

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