Wednesday, April 11, 2012

"¿Si y que?": a program about a gay and a lesbian couple and their parents

The Argentine TV series "Decisiones de vida" presented an episode in 2011 called "¿Si y que?" It's about a gay couple and a lesbian couple who are close friends. One of the women just became pregnant, and her parents, who don't know she's lesbian, come to visit. The show is both funny and sad. It's also a reminder that same-sex marriage is now legal in Argentina but clearly friendly to the reality of same-sex couples. It's available on YouTube in five parts (in Spanish):

Parte 1:

Parte 2:

Parte 3:

Parte 4:

Parte 5:

The lead actresses playing the female couple are Vanesa González and Laura Azcurra. They are currently starring together as sisters in the Argentine novela Lobo as Ana Linares and Julia Linares, respectively.

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