Tuesday, May 01, 2012

Argentina's President defends her economic adviser from opposition sleaze-slinging

These four videos are from the TV Pública Argentina program 678, much of which deals with the sleazy attacks against President Cristina Feranández' chief economic adviser Axel ("Ax") Kicillof from the opposition papers La Nación and Clarín.

18-03-12 (1 de 4); the discussion of Kiciloff begins around 7:00:

Cristina defends Kicillof bluntly. She rightly calls the smear against Kiciloff by a columnist La Nación "anti-Semitic". (See my post of 04/17/12.) She describes another smear in Clarín calling some of the officials of the state-owned Aerolineas children of Montoneros (a violent guerrilla group that was the bogeyman of the military dictatorship of 1976-83) and saying that they were of the same genetics; Cristina said the smear strikes her as "very Nazi".

Forget Godwin's law for the moment: I couldn't help but think of how Barack Obama handled the Van Jones and Shirley Shirrod situations, when someone who worked for him were attacked for being too radical in some way. He could hard get them out the door fast enough. Can you imagine, even imagine Mr. Grand Bargain responding to attacks from, say, the Washington Post or FOX News as "anti-Semitic"? Even if it clearly was?

And saying something like that was "very Nazi"? I think Obama would resign the Presidency rather than say something like that, because it would indicate that his great dream of uniting Republicans and Democrats around low taxes for the rich and forcing Grandma to eat catfood was completely unrealistic. The uniting part, anyway; he might succeed in getting the policies enacted.

18-03-12 (2 de 4)

18-03-12 (3 de 4)

18-03-12 (4 de 4); this is the closing minute or so:

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