Thursday, May 24, 2012

Eurovision song contest, 2nd Semi-Finals

The second round of the Eurovision song contest took place today. Ten of the 18 participants were selected to participate in the Finals on Saturday, the 26th.

Below were my favorites for the second round. Bosnia/Herzegovina, Serbia and Estonia are going on to the finals. The entries for the Netherlands and Portugal didn't make this cut, though they should have!

Bosnia & Herzegovina: Maya Sar, "Korake Ti Znam", a Marlene Dietrich-ish "orchestral ballad".

The video has burros. What's with the Balkan entries and burros? Montenegro's had one, too. But his song was awful. Lena Meyer-Landrut, Germany's 1st-place winner from a couple of years ago, said diplomatically that his song would take some getting used to.

The English version of Maya's song, "The Steps I Know", is pretty darn good, too:

Serbia: Željko Joksimović, "Nije Ljubav Stvar" – his own composition:

Netherlands: Joan Franka, "You and Me"; The costume is dorky. But she sounds more than a little like a Dutch Iris DeMint, which is a very good think. I had hoped to see her score highly. But the juries and public voters didn't agree. I'm still glad to have discovered this song.

Estonia: Ott Lepland, "Kuula", with a nostaglic love ballad:

Portugal: Filipa Sousa, "Vida Minha", a singer in the traditional Portugese Fado style:

Fortunately, this next one didn't make the finals. But if you ever wondered what a Slovakian Sammy Hagar might sounds like, this is the Eurovision entry for you: Max Jason Mai performing "Don't Close Your Eyes" (but you may want to close your ears):

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