Tuesday, July 03, 2012

A reflection on "real American exceptionalism"

This struck me as a good thought for an Independence Day post. From Henry Green, Real American exceptionalism Associated Baptist Press 06/29/2012:

History is a helpful instructor. While as citizens we should have a healthy pride for all the great accomplishments our nation has achieved, as Christians we must see American exceptionalism -- the idea that the U.S. is uniquely virtuous compared to other countries -- as antithetical to our global witness.

How do we hold a healthy distance between our patriotic pride and our Christian witness? It is sometimes not easy. That is why -- as people who believe in true religious freedom and separation of church and state -- we must balance our civic pride with a humility that recognizes both freedom for everyone in our nation and also that others share a healthy pride for their own national heritage as well.
A useful reminder that Christianity should not be linked to nationalist jingoism.


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