Friday, July 20, 2012

Romney out-pastors President Obama talking about the Aurora shooting

Here's Willard Romney's pastoral comments on the Colorado mass murder, Romney Speaks On The Shooting In Aurora TPM 07/20/2012.

He obviously shares President Obama's notion that the President also needs to act as national Pastor-in-Chief.

I would say Willard out-pastors the President there. He even gets in some King James English, "blessed by God who comforteth us in all our tribulations," and "heavy laden". Willard used to be a Mormon bishop, so he's had a bit more practice at the pastoral gig than Obama has.

Willard also calls it "unspeakable tragedy". But it's neither unspeakable nor a tragedy in the direct sense of the word. It was a crime, a mass murder, and there is going to be a lot than can be said about it. It's just that neither Willard nor Obama is going to want to say much of what can be said about it.

And if it should turn out that a Muslim, an Arab or a Persian (Iranian) should be involved somehow, Willard and his supporters will have no end of things to speak about it.

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