Friday, August 31, 2012

Al Gore on the Republican convention and other topics (Updated)

Al Gore joined Current TV regulars Cenk Uygur, Jennifer Granholm, Eliot Spitzer and comedian John Fugelsang to do live commentary on the Republican convention this week. Here are some excerpts, including some pointed observations from Gore on the state of American democracy:

In this one, Gore talks about the failure of our whole system in the Iraq War and gets more passionate as he moves on to global warming, Al Gore on whether it's fair to blame George W. Bush and the ugly truth about global warming 08/29/2012. "We have problems, serious problems in our democracy," Gore says. Later he adds that "our democracy is in deep trouble and all of us have an obligation to try to fix it." [Update: Well, I don't get it. It seems to be down for the moment. Current TV's YouTube channel seems to have issues like this occasionally. Here it is on the Current website but you have to go to the link to see it play.]

Al Gore: Mitt Romney's policies would increase income inequality 08/30/2012:

Gore here argues for popular election of the President, Al Gore calls for popular vote 08/30/2012:

Here's Gore and his crew on Paul Ryan's speech and the media pushback on its falsehoods, Lyin' Ryan: Al Gore and the Current team discuss the implications of Paul Ryan's speech 08/30/2012. Spitzer calls it "lies on steroids."

Here they are with Krugman talking about Medicare, Paul Krugman analyzes myth vs. reality where Paul Ryan is concerned 08/29/2012:

This was their initial reaction to Ryan's speech, Strong on rhetoric, short on facts: Al Gore and Current TV hosts 08/29/2012:

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