Friday, August 10, 2012

News flash: professional concern-troll Amy Sullivan discovers that some Christian Rightists are anti-Muslim bigots and "crazies"

Amy Sullivan may be trying to re-brand herself as a liberal critic of the Christian Right. In Romney Meets with the Islamophobes New Republic 08/10/2012, she notes in sorry that a lot of Christian Rightists blatantly promote hatred and bigotry against Muslims, including Muslim Americans. And that even the Republican Presidential candidate is required to kiss up to them.

It's nice to know that Amy Sullivan is now noticing what others following the Christian Right have realized since, oh, 1979 or so: that they are hardcore rightwingers.

But you have to wonder, then, why she built a career on scolding the Democrats for not bending over backward to find "common ground" with the hardcore Christian right.

Her concern-troll schtick is on display in this speech of hers from earlier this year at UC-Santa Barbara, Culture War Games: Religion and the 2012 Election (YouTube date 06/28/2012, but the speech came during the active Republican primary campaigning on April 10)

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