Friday, October 05, 2012

More Obama-Romney debate commentary

Did the Republicans succeed in punking Obama again with their pre-debate attacks? The Young Turks discuss that in Obama 'Angry Black Man' Attack 10/04/2012:

Here's the TYT/Current TV version, "Was President Obama less forceful in the #debates to avoid being seen as an 'angry black man'?" 10/04/2012:

This is a plausible speculation to me. Although as Cenk Uygur indicates, that's not likely the main reason for his lackluster performance in Wednesday's debate.

Also from The Young Turks, Mitt Romney Lies About Obama Medicare Cuts At Debate 10/04/2012:

Here's more Current TV commentary, including Al Gore and Eliot Spitzer, 'Democrats, progressives - don't be worried': Jennifer Granholm reacts to the first debate 10/03/2012:

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