Sunday, December 16, 2012

Domestic arms proliferation in the US: "a scandal"

This German cartoon by Klaus Stuttmann (12/16/2012) shows the "US Gun Lobby" building. One word balloon says, "A scandal." The other says, "Why weren't these children carrying weapons so they could defend themselves?"

In Germany and presumably most countries of the world, this sounds like a bizarre parody instead of something people say with a straight face not thinking they sound like psychopaths saying it.

But for gun manufacturers and distributors, this is literally good business: (Gun Sales In 2012 Set Record, FBI Data Indicates Huffington Post 12/14/2012). Fear sells guns. So the gun lobbies portray Obama, who so far has not recommended any action to mitigate mass gun massacres beyond praying for the victims and hugging his children, as determined to seize everyone's guns tomorrow. So gun and ammo sales soared after his election and re-election. They run the same routine after every mass gun murder and gun sales go up.

The Great God Free Market is happy. Some little kids may have to die in a massacre every now and then to keep it that way. But I guess they made the "bad choice" to come to school that day.


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