Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Mississippi: It's mah heritage!

Mississippi's Republican Gov. Phil Bryant said today he don't see no reason why Mis'sippi should have to obey any of them thar fedrul laws tryin' to take away folkes' guns: Emily Lane and Jimmie Gates, Mississippi Gov. Phil Bryant wants to block Obama's federal gun actions Jackson Clarion-Ledger 01/16/2013; Evan McMorris-Santoro, Mississippi Wants To Secede From Obama's Gun Plans TPM 01/162013.

Mississippi's experience with trying to nullify federal laws and such really hasn't worked out too well for it in the past. I'm just sayin'.

You would think it wouldn't be such good politics for the Governor to make such a big, public point about how so much of his state lacks adequate police services. But the crowd of very serious looking white guys with little white stickers or something on their left lapels behind him at his announcedment seemed to think it was all good stuff.

What's with those little round white buttons anyway? I thought mandatory dress code for Republican white guys included an American flag on the left lapel. Maybe they figured the patriotic touch wouldn't be quite appropriate for a nullification press conference where the Gov. was doing his John C. Calhoun act.


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