Monday, January 28, 2013

New development in the 1994 AMIA attack in Buenos Aires

The bombing attack on the AMIA Jewish community center in Buenos Aires in 1994 has never been officially solved. It's common in the American press to see it mentioned as a prime example of Iran's ability to effect a major terrorist attack far outside its borders.

Raúl Kollmann in A dar respuestas ante la Justicia argentina Página 12 28.01.2013 reports on a new deveopment in the case. It remains the Argentine authorities' theory of the crime that it was directed from Iran. Argentine authorities have identified five Iranians that they want to question in the case.

Now, Argentina and Iran have signed an agreement to allow Argentine authorities to interview the five men in Iran.

This is a complicated case. Argentina also suspects misconduct by Argentine officials. Argentine journalist Gabriel Levinas argues that non-Islamic Argentine rightwing extremists are more likely suspects in the killings. I've posted about the case previously: The AMIA Jewish Community Center attack in Buenos Aires, 1994 02/27/2011; Former Argentine President Carlos Menem and the investigation of the AMIA Jewish community center attack of 1994 04/02/2012; and, AMIA, Bulgaria and Iranian terrorism 07/23/2012.

In addition to the interviews with the persons of interest in Iran, the agreement calls for the establishment of a Truth Commission to report on the case. The Parliaments of both countries have to approve the agreement.

Here are three Spanish-language video reports from TV Pública argentina on the agreement and the AMIA attack. Atentado a la Amia: Acuerdo entre Argentina e Irán 28.01.2013:

La Amia y la Daia criticaron el acuerdo con Irán 28.01.2013:

Atentado a la Amia: Burstein, sobre el acuerdo con Irán 28.01.2013:

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