Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Organizing for Action and Obama's second term

Marty Kaplan is more encouraged by the re-purposing of his Obama for America group into Organizing for Action to mobilize public support for Obama's programs than he is by the rhetoric of the Second Inaugural address. In The Post-Kumbaya President JewishJournal.com, he writes:

The most important political event of the past week may turn out to be neither the inaugural, nor the sirloin-fueled cabal [of Republican opposition] it may have prompted, but rather the morphing of Obama for America into Organizing for Action. Obama for America was an attempt to convert his 2008 ground game into a grassroots group at the Democratic National Committee, but it barely played a part in his first term’s legislative battles. Organizing for Action will try not to make that mistake again. His 2012 top command is determined to make the 2012 vote the beginning, not the end, of political action. His first term was about negotiations between party elites; his second term will be about mobilizing citizen power.

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