Saturday, February 02, 2013

"Does anyone else remember Dick and Jane?"

The Magnolia Antique Mall in Columbus MS posted this picture at their Facebook page with the caption, "Does anyone else remember Dick and Jane?"

Dick and Jane having More Fun With Our Friends

From what I hear, Jane grew up to be a lesbian folk-singer who campaigns against gen-modified foods and does antiwar protests with Code Pink.

And Dick had a successful career as an investment banker, which was cut a little short by that unfortunate conviction over money-laundering for Colombian drug cartels. But after he served his 3 1/2 years in prison, he converted to some offbeat brand of Hinduism and now runs a free-love vegetarian commune in New Mexico. Still mostly hangs out with white people, though, I hear:

(OK, for you literalists out there, this is a photo of a workshop by Trantric Bliss Coach Kamala Devi. But you get the general idea.)

Update: By the way, the little girl that Dick and Jane are running away from there later emigrated to Germany and went underground with the 3rd generation of the Red Army Faction (RAF). She's still wanted for questioning over a couple of bombings in Vienna and Cologne. Dick and Jane have consistently denied any knowledge of her whereabouts. There are persistent but unconfirmed rumors that's she still alive and active in gun-running in the Middle East.


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