Thursday, February 14, 2013

Post-National Prayer Breakfast conservative scolding for Obama

I posted last week about Obama's ritual annual scolding at the fundamentalist National Prayer Breakfast which he unwisely continues to attend.

The anti-science surgeon went on Shawn Hannity's show to brag about his presentation, Dr Ben Carson Tells Hannity Why He Spoke Out Against Obama's Policies To Obama's Face YouTube date 02/08/2013. And to whine some more about "political correctness." Like about "the sportscaster who commented on the beauty of the quarterback's female."

It's sad that Obama keeps going to those events to be lectured to by hardcore fundis with their simplistic conservatism like this guy's. He's just giving validation to this kind of nonsense. It lets characters like this to pose for their fans as having boldly spoken Truth to the President's face.

It's also self-parody for FOX News having someone on talking about people just repeating slogans they hear on the news.

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