Monday, March 11, 2013

PBS newshour series on gun violence (1)

PBS Newshour recently ran a series of reports focusing on gun violence, collected at their page on The Gun Debate. These are their reports from 02/15/2013:

Coloradans Respond to Gun Violence with article by Mary Jo Brooks:

Video Games: Violent, Yes. But Do They Make Us Violent? with article by Jeffrey Brown:

Arm Teachers or Ban Video Games? Students Debate in Google Hangout:

On violence and video games, check out this Salon piece by Daniel Greenberg, Lay off WoW, GOP! 03/08/2013. Unlike the Republicans, I don't want to ban scientific research on the topic. But I find it very hard to conceive that playing video combat games plays any meaningful role in driving anyone over, say, the age of six to commit real-world acts of violence. It's both factually questionable at the very best, and carries unpleasant ethical and legal calculation. Search for "twinkie defense," for instance. Especially given the antiabortion movements increasingly prominent tendency to try to minimize the serious of rape - also a violent crime - I don't want to see rapists start getting away with it because conservatives all decide that looking at dirty pichers drives the poor guys out of their minds. This isn't a slippery slope. It's an entire swamp of vacuous excuses for criminal acts.

Obama Makes Gun Control Push Personal With Visit to Hometown Chicago:

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