Monday, May 13, 2013

Bro. Sword-of-Vengeance is after them Muslims again

Bro. Wade "Sword-of-Vengeance" Burleson writes about them thar Muslims in Sharia Law Should Be Resisted in the 21st Century Like Nazism Was Resisted in the 20th Century Istoria Ministries 05/13/2013. Short version: Muslims is like Nazis and Commies and "Adolph" Hitler and stuff and darkie Muslims rape nice blond white women.

He's probably spend the weekend catching up on The New American, the magazine and website the John Birch Society, the mother ship of crackpot rightwing conspiracy theories and one of Bro. Sword-of-Vengeance's favorite sources.

His post is Bircher quality, in its reasoning and its imagery. Oklahoma passed a law against the non-existent threat of Sharia Law (Islamic religious law). Even though for the state to have Sharia law the legislature would have to pass it. And an Australian woman was raped in Dubai and the country's justice system didn't seem to perform very well in her case. Therefore: "Does Oklahoma look so backwards now?"

Uh, yeah, Bro. Sword-of-Vengeance. And you ain't helping its image much.

The story of the Australian rape victim is real: Alicia Gali, Woman Who Spent 8 Months In UAE Jail After Being Raped, Tells Her Story The Huffington Post 05/12/2013.

But the use Bro. Sword-of-Vengeance makes of it is straight out of the segregationist playbook.

When rightwingers start expressing their heartfelt concern for the rights of women in Muslim countries, especially blond white women sexually assaulted by locals, it's time to be alert to the political message they're actually trying to send. American conservatives generally care about women's rights abroad only in countries they want to bomb and/or invade.

And Bro. Sword-of-Vengeance has really been eager lately to see the swords start swinging. Last November just after President Obama was re-elected, he wrote in On Dog Poo and Politics: A Metaphor Istoria Ministries Blog 11/07/2012. His post is about President Obama's re-election. His maudlin take on the immediate future:

I believe our world is about to be shaken on several fronts. The coming fiscal cliff, the impending Israel/Iran war, the Russian and Chinese push to switch to the Yen as the world's currency, and a host of other foundation shaking events are just months away. However, that is a good thing. Too many put their trust in this world's systems, governments, and political leaders. We are foreigners. Foreigners' votes never count because there is no stake in the election.
Now, I'm not one for using only prissy language in politics. And I've referred to the Republicans as being in a "poo flinging" mood in the last four years referring to their often hysterical attacks on Obama.

But Bro. Sword-of-Vengeance in this post devotes four paragraphs to a graphic metaphor of why four more years of a Democratic Administration is like stepping in a big pile of dog shit. I think it's kind of sickening myself.

But fear and hatred is what the Christian Right traffics in.

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