Thursday, May 30, 2013

John Kenneth Galbraith's "Age of Uncertainty: Weekend in Vermont (Pt 1)"

Continuing with John Kenneth Galbraith's 1977 documentary series, The Age of Uncertainty, Episode 13, Weekend in Vermont Part 2:

This and the final two segments of the TV documentary feature conversations with a group of mostly white guys with two white female guest and one Asian guy, including:

  • Soviet expert on the US Georgi Arbatov
  • German liberal Ralf Dahrendorf
  • Then-Washington Post owner Katherine Graham
  • Former British Conservative Prime Minister Edward Heath
  • Jack Jones (Bristish trade unionists)
  • Kukrit Pramoj who was Prime Minister of Thailand 1975-6
  • Historian Arthur Schlesinger, Jr.
  • Canadian stress expert Hans Selye
  • British Secretary of State for Education and Science and then-Labour MP Shirley Williams.
  • Tom Winship of the Boston Globe

In this segment, they discuss the present-day nature of work, education and Third World development. This segment provides a reminder of how much the Arab oil boycott of 1973 and rising power of OPEC had impressed on the world the potential collective power of oil producing nations.

Galbraith himself facilitates the conversations but his contributions on-screen are minimized in these last three segments.

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