Saturday, May 04, 2013

Leave Old Hickory aloooo-oooone!

Calhoun-sympathizer "concern troll" alert! Steve Yoder sends me into garment-rending mode with It's time for Democrats to ditch Andrew Jackson Salon 05/03/2013.

Half-baked revisionism about Old Hickory just hacks me off. This guy grumps about Vice President Biden speaking at a Jefferson-Jackson Day Dinner in South Carolina. Seriously? And how do you manage to do an article with the words "South Carolina" and "Andrew Jackson" in it without the words "John Calhoun" or "nullification" appearing?

The crazy NRA just elected a blithering neo-Confederate as their new President, who calls the Civil War the "War of Northern Aggression," a term nobody ever used until some white supremacists invented it a few years ago. Will that guy be holding dinners to honor Andrew Jackson? No and *&@* no!

Yes, Jackson's Indian policies sucked. So did pretty much everybody else's, not that it's any excuse. But if the Democrats can still call Barack Obama a Democrat now that he's formally proposed cutting benefits on Social Security and Medicare, then they can certainly hold dinners to honor the party's two main founders. Both of whom were key leaders in establishing and expanding democracy.

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