Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Obama's latest sacrificial lamb

President Obama was under fire for the IRS Tea Party flap.

So he fired Steven Miller, acting IRS commissioner, who seems to have had nothing at all to day with it, as Alex Seitz-Wald reports (Obama’s unfortunate scapegoat Salon 05/15/2013):

The acting commissioner was not running the IRS at the time employees improperly targeted Tea Party groups — that would be Bush-appointee Doug Shulman, who resigned as commissioner last year — and Miller’s name isn’t mentioned a single time in the Treasury Department inspector general’s report. Indeed, there is no evidence that Miller was in any way responsible, involved or even aware of the inappropriate targeting of conservative groups by underlings. He is falling on his sword for something he did not do.
We've seen Obama do this before, hastily dump someone to take the heat off himself.

But I doubt this is do him much good. It certainly won't stop the Republicans from attacking him aggressively. And it reminds his supporters that he considers them pretty much all expendable.


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