Tuesday, July 16, 2013

A conservative grieves over the Zimmerman trial

Alvira King, niece of Martin Luther King, Jr., Georgia legislator and minister, bills herself online as "Civil Rights Activist And Pro-Life Warrior." Also, "I believe that School Choice [i.e., resegregation, privatization] is a pressing civil rights issue. Perhaps the most compelling issue of all is the life of the unborn." At her blog stie, she calls herself "Pastoral Associate and Director of African-American Outreach for Priests for Life and Gospel of Life Ministries" and "a voice for the Silent No More Awareness Campaign, sharing her testimony of two abortions, God’s forgiveness, and healing."

She works her family name to be a Respectable Black Conservative, as evidence by this FOX News column in support of Herman Cain's Presidential bid, Why the Establishment Wants to Destroy Herman Cain 11/09/2011 (italics and bold in original):

For many years, the Democrats have had a 90% stranglehold on the black vote. This is because many blacks feel that Republicans are racist and only care about the rich, while Democrats love them, give Blacks welfare, betc. When a strong, charismatic, BLACK conservative goes head to head with Obama, many blacks who have not yet done so will actually listen to both sides of the political argument.

They will hear Mr. Cain say that the entitlements given to them don't help the black community. When Mr. Cain says that welfare is statistically like a disease that is passed from generation to generation, that it promotes single mothers, that it promotes a culture of helplessness and government dependency, people will listen.

When Mr. Cain says I will give you opportunities to improve your quality of life: jobs so that you don't need government handouts to survive, that the government will teach people to fish rather than give them fish sticks ... people will listen.
Stock rightwing Republican boilerplate, in other words.

A Facebook friend of mine from my home county in Mississippi posted a column of hers, Civil Rights Leader 'Grieved' Over Strife Surrounding Zimmerman Verdic Christian Post 07/15/2013. It's represents kind of a baseline conservative position, avoiding overtly celebrating George Zimmerman's victory and the Stand Your Ground/Kill At Will laws that at least in some measure enabled him to kill a black kid and get away with it. So far, anyway.

Aside from bromides about how it's all very sad, King's actual points are:

  • Abortion! Dead babies!! Sluts who want to kill their unborn babies!!! And "abortionists are butchering women"!!
  • Plannned Parenthood murdering the sluts who go see them!
  • Guns don't kill people, people kill people. (She actually says that.)
  • Black deaths in Chicago! A conservative favorite: look at all them n******s in Chicago killing other n******s! How can they complain about a fine white(-passing) guy like pore George Zimmerman killing him a n****r boy?

Here is her opening, before she veers off in the third paragraph about the feminist slut baby-killers:

I believe that the verdict in the Zimmerman/Trayvon Martin Case further exposes a grievous and deep vein of disharmony and racial tension in our nation that can only be healed when people realize that every human being should be treated with dignity and respect.

A trial like this causes public debate, and people have forgotten what is right anymore. Now Trayvon's tragic death is obscured and Mr. Zimmerman is a public spectacle. The lines of what is right and what is legal/lawful have also been blurred and this trial exposes that.
Stock fundamentalist platitudes. The real point of which is that the whole case has nothing to do with white racism. And nothing to do with gun proliferation.

Sad. Not a word about racial profiling. Not a word about discriminatory patterns in prosecutions, convictions, and sentencing. Nothing at all about the very real problem of white racism in the real existing American justice system. Not a word about dumb white(-passing) dumbmasses taking their loaded guns and stalking black kids they think don't belong in their nice white neighborhood.

This just encourages white people who don't want to look at those problems to feel encouraged in not doing so.

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