Wednesday, July 24, 2013

A rightwing script on George Zimmerman and white racims

It's become a favorite thing on the Republican Right to have a black speaker or writer offer cover for the most hardline rightwing slogans, about race and everything else. Herman Cain is one example of this, Allen West another.

Here's another example, Ken Hutcherson Black Pastor Speaks Frankly to Blacks About Trayvon Martin Christian Post 07/21/2013. Brian Tashman at Right Wing Watch describes Hutcherson as "the favorite pastor of conservative leaders like Rush Limbaugh and Glenn Beck." (Hutcherson: Anti-Gay Activists Cost Microsoft Tens of Millions, Possibly Billions, of Dollars 07/19/2013)

Hutcherson in the Christian Post piece argues that "black people have a difficult time accepting truth simply because they are black." Seriously. It's ugly stuff.

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