Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Michelle Bachelet returns as President of Chile

Michelle Bachelet was inaugurated today for her second (non-consecutive) term as President of Chile.

In a particularly nice touch, during today's official ceremony, the incoming Chilean President Michelle Bachelet was given the Presidential ribbon that signifies her assumption of office by the President of the Chilean Senate, María Isabel Allende, one of the daughters of President Salvador Allende who was murdered in the coup of 1973. (Not the famous writer Isabel Allende, who is a first cousin once removed of the murdered former President.)

Michelle Bachelet asume su segundo término como Presidenta de Chile -- Exclusivo Online Univision Noticias 11.03.2014


Visión 7: Michele Bachelet asumió la presidencia de Chile TV Pública argentina 11.03.2014


She previously served as President in the 2006-2010 term. She is from the Partido Socialista, which was also Salvador Allende's party. One notable feature of her electoral coalition, the Nueva Mayoría (New Majority) is that it includes the Communist Party, whose most famous member is Camila Vallejo, who began her first term today as a deputy in the Chilean Parliament. (Camila Vallejo asumió su banca con el puño en alto InfoNews 11.03.2014)

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