Wednesday, April 09, 2014

Confederate "Heritage" Month 2014, April 9: League of the South, hardcore neo-Confederacy

Dave Neiwert has new story up about the League of the South, a hardcore neo-Confederate, segregationist, secessionist group: League of the South Looks to Street Theater to Increase Visibility SPLC Hatewatch 04/08/2014.

Since the Republican Party has embraced a segregationist viewpoint that is now essentially unchallenged within that Party, rowdier fringe groups have to work even harder to distinguish themselves when it comes to promoting the great hits of segregation: nullification, secessionism, white racism.

As Dave explains, the League is currently saying it's going to promote its presence by relying more on public demonstrations.

He quotes their president, Michael Hill, declaring a cornpone Blut und Boden ideology:

Hill, in a video made at the gathering, elucidated Wolfe’s point even farther, explaining that while people mistakenly believe “nationalism” relates to political borders, it actually relates to “borders that distinguish a people, a blood people.” He then went on a rant about those borders:

And who are our people? Our people are white European Southerners. Now, we’re mainly from the British Isles, but we’re also from other parts of northern and western Europe, and even parts of central Europe. But we are a distinctive people, based on blood. And from that blood comes culture. And from that culture comes our political institutions, and from the political institutions come our borders, and our nations – our nation-states, as we call them.

Germany, France, England, Ireland, Scotland, Norway, Denmark, Sweden – Dixie. They’re all the same. We are a people. We are a nation. We are a blood, with the land.
Even groups this crackpot play an important role in the rightwing politosphere. As long as the League is out there out-Whiting Paul Ryan and Ted Cruz in their rhetoric, the Republicans have some "extremists" to disavow.

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