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Confederate "Heritage" Month 2014, April 28: Bobo and Sleepy Mark Shields agree segregation in higher education is the American Way

The supposedly respectable PBS Newshour weekly presents a Political Wrap, featuring David "Bobo" Brooks presented the supposedly respectable conservative view, with Mark Shields, normally in a semi-conscious state, presenting the supposedly respectable liberal view.

On Friday, both joined in their approval of the Roberts Court's segregationist decisions in the Schuette decision. They both happily agree that racial discrimination in public college admissions is just dandy. Bipartisanship!

Shields and Brooks on Georgia gun rights, Southern Senate races PBS Newshour 04/25/2014:

Yeah, black people have to take one for the greater good, but not to worry. Soon enough there'll be another whack against women's rights that Both Sides can applaud, too.

One thing Bobo is useful for is to follow poisonous trends in Respectability. The fact that he's praising affirmative action in public college admissions by class - to which Sleepy Mark agrees, of course - is almost certainly a sign that the segregationists will start going after that soon, too.

This may require a bit of explanation. Affirmative action as a primary means of enforcing anti-discrimination laws in hiring was started by the Nixon Administration as a conservative approach. Instead of getting fined, losing government contracts or executives going to jail (if you can imagine that!) for violating anti-discrimination laws, a company could instead implement an Affirmative Action Plan to eliminate discrimination in hiring.

And if it's diligently enforced, it's an effective way to enforce the law.

Of course, if you looked at footage of the 1972 Republican Convention, you'd see lots of bitching and moaning about "quotas." Because the Republicans were already trying to paint Nixon's conservative approach to anti-discrimination enforcement the same way segregationists portrayed all civil rights legislation, as discrimination against us pore persecuted white folks.

Class-based recruitment in college admissions is a way of achieving diversity goals de facto without explicitly practicing affirmative action against racial discrimination. In states like California and now Michigan, explicit race-based affirmative action in admissions is illegal under state law.

Bobo prominently announces his support of class-based recruitment in the segment above as an alternative to affirmative action. But when that starts coming under attack from Rush and FOX and and Massa Cliven Bundy as yet another evil plot of The Negro, Bobo will then take on his "tell" tone of careful reason he uses when he's about to tell a whopper, and then say with concern that some of these class-based programs have gone too far, and the abuses need to be addressed and blah,blah, we've all heard the rest.

Yes, recruitment by class can effectively serve as a proxy for affirmative action recruitment on race because, gee, groups that are racially discriminated against are also less affluent!

But Bobo even gives the game away the second time he mentions it, saying that only the larger colleges can do it effectively. And to make class-based affirmative action effective against adverse selection against racial minorities requires the college administration to be committed to real diversity as a goal, even if as an understated one. A class-based system of preferential recruitment could also be used to actively discriminate against minorities.

And Roberts Court decisions like Schuette this past week go farther and farther toward the Scalia-Thomas goal of blocking any anti-racial-discrimination legislation at all unless it expressly states its purpose is to discriminate based on race.

The Roberts Court really is well on the way to turning the 14th Amendment upside down.

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