Monday, April 14, 2014

Kidnapped Venezuelan journalist released unharmed

Nairobi Pinto is a senior journalist with the opposition-leaning Globovisión TV channel in Venezuela who was kidnapped on April 6 was released "safe and sound," according to Globovisión's message. ("Sana y salva" hallan periodista secuestrada en Venezuela La Opinión 14.04.2014)

The opposition feared that it was a political kidnapping by the government or government supporters. The Venezuelan government has not apprehended any suspects in the latest reports I've seen, but says they are giving the investigation high priority. (Rodríguez Torres: "No hemos querido especular sobre los motivos del secuestro" de Nairobi Pinto Panorama 14.04.2014) Pinto says she was kept blindfolded but treated well, not abused and given three meals a day. Being treated well, of course, is in the context of being kidnapped by strangers and held against her will.

This is a video report accompanying the Panorama article with the same title, Rodríguez Torres: "No hemos querido especular sobre los motivos del secuestro" de Nairobi Pinto 14.04.2014:

Here is a report from Venevisión on Pinto's release, Periodista Nairobi Pinto fue localizada sana y salva 14.04.2014:

The main opposition leader Henrique Capriles, Governor of the state of Miranda in which Pinto was released, complained that Nicolás Maduro's national government is playing politics with public security. (Gosh, who ever heard of a politician using crime as a political issue?) Capriles also griped that violence is getting worse all the time and said it's obvious that it's the fault of Maduro's government. Politics is politics. (Capriles espera que se conozca la verdad del caso de Pinto El Informador 14.04.2014)

See also: EN IMÁGENES Y VIDEO, la primera aparición pública de Nairobi Pinto tras ser liberada Panorama 14.04.2014

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