Saturday, June 07, 2014

An Argentine Peronist EU candidate from Spain

This story about Delfina Rossi Silvano, currently an economist working for the European Parliament, caught my attention: Santiago Rodríguez, “Me aconsejó que disfrutara”["] Página/12 07.06.2014; Delfina, rosarina e hija de Agustín Rossi, es candidata a eurodiputada AgenciaFE 23.05.2014; La hija de Agustín Rossi se quedó afuera del Parlamento Europeo Infobae 26.06.2014

Delfina Rossi the 25-year-old daughter of the Argentine Defense Minister Agustín Rossi and she ran in the May 25 EP elections on the list of the Izquierda Unida (IU). She's affiliated with the Iniciativa por Cataluña Verde (ICV) and lives in Barcelona and Brussels.

But she can still define her politics in Argentine terms, as well: "Yo soy peronista" ("I am a Peronist").

Here is a video of her speaking in castellano Spanish in support of European "We Promise" initiative supporting digital privacy and political rights.

#39 Delfina Rossi supports WePromise 17.15.2014

Delfina recalls getting involved in politics just after she moved to Spain as a child with her mother by protesting against Spain's participation in the Cheney-Bush invasion of Iraq. At 25, most of her adult life has been during the depression which began in Europe in 2008.

And as an economist and Spanish politician, she's been a close witness to the price people in the eurozone periphery countries, young people in particular, have been paying for the policy justified by men and women in suits in Frankfurt and Berlin and Brussels in the name of "competitiveness," "structural reform," "labor market flexibility" and other empty ritual phrases to justify a ruinous austerity policy that should have been discredited for all time by the experiences of the Herbert Hoover and Heinrich Brüning.


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