Monday, June 09, 2014

Michelle Bachelet at the start of her second Presidency in Chile

This post by Javier Couso is from April, Bachelet's First Month in Office — And What Lies Ahead CLAS Blog 04/18/2014. But it gives a succinct look at her New Majority (Nueva Mayoría) political project is about:

President Bachelet's decisiveness in her first few weeks in office has had a profound impact. First, her determination to fulfill her campaign promise to introduce significant changes in Chile’s current socio-economic model has increased her credibility among the large portion of the population who had become skeptical of politicians in recent years. Second, her focus on enacting the platform she campaigned on has provided a sense of mission and direction to her coalition, the Nueva Mayoría, which comprises a vast spectrum of political parties, from the Christian Democrats in the center to the Communists on the left. Lastly, the assertiveness of Bachelet's first month in government has left Chile’s highly ideological right-wing parties confused to the point of paralysis, since they thought that her campaign promises were just a rhetorical move to prevail in the presidential election.
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