Thursday, June 19, 2014

Shields and Bobo on Iraq War II (or is it III?)

I harshed on Sleepy Mark Shields over Bowe Berdagh and the D-Day anniversary in the Political Wrap segment on the PBS Newshour two weeks ago, when he has half-asleep and bitching about Bowe Bergdahl and talking about D-Day like it was a comic-book story.

But Mark was in decent form in the June 13 segment. His default state in doing commentary is to stay about half aware. Unusually when war is the subject he wakes up. Last week was an exception.

But he and Bobo joined the Iraq War reunion tour on Friday the 13th, rehashing their 2002-3 positions. And Mark stayed awake for that discussion. Bobo started off in his "tell" voice where he's speaking softly and sounding carefully reasonable, which is how you know he's served up a particularly ridiculous Party-line position.

But give Bobo credit. He outdid himself with this:

Well, I don’t know about throwing them all out, but McCain’s, I think, record has been reasonably good in the last four or five years. I think he — when the thing happened in 2011, we withdrew, he pretty much warned that this would happen. He warned very early on that the Syrian civil war would spill over into Iraq, which is exactly what’s happened. And so I do think whatever decision he made in 2003 to support the original invasion, what he predicted has come true over the last few years, and we’re in a bad situation for it.
You can't make this stuff up. Here's the bold Maverick tweeting back on 08/18/2010:


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