Wednesday, July 09, 2014

Upteenth example of how white racism fries white people's brains

TPM's Daniel Strauss reports on a perfect example of the kind of convoluted talk that comes out of segregationists mouths and computers in Hometown Editorial: McDaniel Isn't A Racist Because He Played Basketball 07/08/2014.

It's about a pro-Chris McDaniel, anti-black editorial of July 2 in the Mississippi Laurel Call-Leader-Call. It concludes with, "The more free our society is, the more enslaved it becomes."

It begins with the sneering, "It’s the modern-day scarlet letter ... though it’s probably wrong to make a reference to color to characterize it."

But for segregationists, being accused of racism isn't a "scarlet letter." It's a matter of pride. It lets them whine about being persecuted white people. Or is it persecuted Christians? SegregationThink is confusing in some of its rhetorical twists. But the basic idea is easy: us white folks sure are better'n them blacks.

The Laurel Call-Leader-Call editorial written by the paper's editor Mark Thornton is printed and digital evidence of the kind of mind-rot white racism produces in the Caucasian brain.

Update: I should note that I assumed from the language that the editorial's author is white. I grew up about 40 miles from Laurel and the writer is talking like Mississippi Piney Woods white segregationists talk. An African-American writer performing a white supremacist idea of what a Good Negro should be would typically address himself to "fellow blacks" or something similar. In any case, the editorial was straight-up segregationism aimed at a segregationist audience and promoting white racism and segregation. And, yes, those who share the editorial's outlook are proud of being called white racists despite the phony whining.

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