Monday, September 01, 2014

Old times down thar in Georgia ain't fergottin'

Looks like the 1960s are coming back in Georgia.

A beefy white thug with wearing a shurff's department t-shirt sees someone taking pictures of a couple of Republican candidates, who apparently thought they were staging an event for the local Klan instead of a public campaign, Journalist Roughed Up And Removed From Georgia GOP Event TPM 09/01/2014:

Double benefit for the Republicans: they get to rough up someone who looks like a reporter and git tough up some dame who's gittin' all uppity.

The good ole boys must have gotten themselves off on that scene. But it's notable that a woman who appears to with a campaign comes up and says what the beefy white thug is doing to the woman is wrong. Gosh, that Republican outreach to the ladies just doesn't seem to be going so well!

That bit at the end where the woman being attacked says, "Stop, you're hurting me!" and the beefy white thug says, "All you gotta do's be still!" should really impress the wimmin voters.

And since the woman the beefy white thug is assaulting is also white, it will be a challenge for even FOX News to spin that as her own fault. Not exactly how most people would want a police officer to act in, say, a nighttime traffic stop.

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