Friday, November 28, 2014

Russia financing anti-EU rightwingers?

Tomas Mayer has a report in Der Standard (Vienna) claiming that far-right, anti-EU parties like Marie Le Pen's National Front (NF) in France are getting substantial funding from Russia, apparently much of it with official approval from Putin' regime: Russen sollen rechte EU-Skeptiker finanziert haben 27.11.2014.

I'm cautious about any such reports given the neocon drive in the US to elevate Russia as a major threat. This one doesn't sound improbable on its face. But it also cites the not-entirely-respectable German tabloid Bild-Zeitung on one its claims, based on what it received from "secret services." Who would never lie about such things, of course. But Standard doesn't cite or link the specific Bild articles making the claim.

Robert Parry's Consortium News keeps track of neocon activity and propaganda targets. Maidhc Ó Cathail in Neocons Claim to Fight Russian ‘Unreality’ 11/26/2014 discusses some of their latest propaganda themes against Russia.

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