Tuesday, November 18, 2014

The impeachment choir

The FOXists are laying down the propaganda fire for impeaching Obama over his Executive Order on immigration reform.

This theme isn't solely a post-election phenomenon. Media Matters reports on this example from August: Fox News Host, Contributor Suggest Immigration Executive Action May Be "Impeachment Bait" 08/15/2014.

And Charles Krauthammer is still at it: Jeremy Diamond, Krauthammer: Obama immigration action 'impeachable' CNN 11/15/2014.

The Party's chief ideologist is getting into the act, Limbaugh Credits Fox News For Giving GOP "Permission" To Talk About Impeachment Media Matters 11/18/2014.

And Rupert Murdoch's Wall Street Journal is along for the ride, WSJ Ignores Piles Of Precedent To Question Legality Of Obama's Immigration Order Media Matters 11/17/2014.

David "Bobo" Brooks provides his version of the Republican Party line on why Obama has to be impeached over trying to help out them thar darkie furriners with an Executive Order in Obama in Winter New York Times 11/17/2014.

If he were reading this out loud, I would expect the whole thing to be in his "tell" voice he uses when regurgitating especially crass Party-line whoppers. He may even be getting delusional: "Maybe, in moments of stress, [members of Obama's team] are only really sensitive to criticism from the left flank."

Or maybe there has been a crack in some dimensional barrier and this is the Bobo from an alternative universe in which Barack Obama is "only really sensitive to criticism from the left flank." Bobo outdid himself on this one. At least it shows he has a lively imagination every now and then.

Tom Tomorrow shows us how it works here in Earth Prime:

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