Sunday, January 18, 2015

The AMIA case returns to the news

An Argentine prosecutor has accused Argentine President Cristina Fernández - very unfairly from what I can tell - of covering up for Iranians involved in the 1994 attack on AMIA, the Jewish Community Center in Buenos Aires, in which 94 people were killed. A statement from Ronald Noble, a former senior Interpol official familiar with the case, has contradicted his claim. Inrterpol [sic] desmintió al fiscal Nisman TV Pública argentina 16.01.2015:

The US press routinely refers to that attack from over 20 years ago as an example of Iran projecting its power to commit terrorist acts worldwide via Hizbullah in this case. And the Argentine government's official theory of the case does involve Iranian participation. But the case has never been solved and is still being pursued. It's not out of the question that fanatical Argentine rightwingers pulled it off. Some Argentine officials, included former President Carlos Menem, faced charges for obstructing the investigation.

One of the Wikileaks documents from 2008 indicated that the Cheney-Bush Administration pressured Argentina to not pursue those charges, presumably because they worried it might undermine the narrative of Iran being behind it.

This piece by the historian Gareth Porter talks about some of the problems in the official theory of the case. Inter Press Service 11/13/2006.

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Raúl Kollmann, “La posición fue consistente y firme” Página/12 17.01.2015:

En su denuncia, [prosecutor Alberto] Nisman afirma que “el plan criminal” consistió en firmar el Memorándum de Entendimiento y a cambio de ello se prometió a Irán el levantamiento de los alertas rojos.

[In his denunciation, {prosecutor Alberto} Nisman claims that "the criminal plan" consisted in signing the Memorandum of Understanding {with Iran} and in exchange for it promised Iran to the red alerts {for the suspects}. ]

Una lista de preguntas para el fiscal Página/12 17.01.2015

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