Sunday, February 15, 2015

Western policy toward Ukraine: support via ... Herbert Hoover economics?

The Real News has been having embedding disabled on its YouTube site lately. But this one has embedding available as of this writing. It's a useful discussion of the Herbert Hoover austerity policies being imposed on Ukraine by the West via the IMF, Has the IMF Annexed Ukraine? 02/13/2015 (also at the main Real News website):

The Real News has been carrying a number of reports on Ukraine, including Why are the U.S. and EU Split on Providing Lethal Aid to Ukraine? 02/11/2015.

The US and Europe do have diverging interests in Ukraine policy. But that doesn't exclude the possibility of coordinated diplomatic kabuki in the public positions. (See Albrecht Müller, Woher wissen wir eigentlich, dass der Streit zwischen Merkel & Cie. und Obama & Co. kein abgekartetes Spiel ist? Nachdenkseiten 10.02.2015)

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