Sunday, April 19, 2015

The tangled AMIA/Nisman case

Argentine President Cristina Fernández at her webpage reprinted this article that reports on connections between the (probable) suicide of prosecutor Alberto Nisman, the AMIA case and the vulture funds trying to drive Argentina into bankruptcy: Jorge Elbaum, Buitres, Nisman, DAIA: la ruta del dinero Página/12 18.04.2015.

And apparently her office liked it some much they decided to publish their own English translation, Vulture funds, Nisman, DAIA: The money trail 19.04.2015. Nisman's link to hedge/vulture fund magnate Paul Singer, who is also one of the largest contributors to the US Republican Party, according to this report was closer than previously known publicly:

July 2nd 2013, ATFA, funded mostly by Paul Singer, president of NML Elliott, published an advertisement titled “Shameful allies”, that shows a picture of president Cristina Fernández close to the, at that moment, persian [sic] president Mahmud Ahmadinejad. In catastrophe fashion the ad reads:“Time has come the time to stop Argentina from breaking American and international law”. June 16th 2014, the Supreme Court of the United States of America decides not to take the case of Argentina’s debt, giving free way to the Judge Griesa to continue protecting the international speculative funds.

July 9th 2013, republican Jeff Duncan, responsible for the Homeland Security Committee of the House of Representatives (who received the “contribution” of US$10 thousand from the Political Action Committee of the organization “Each Republican is Crucial”, funded by Paul Singer, in September 2012), sent a letter to President Cristina Fernández, claiming that he was disappointed by the decision of Attorney General, Gils Carbó, of not allowing Nisman “come forward” before the Capitol.

Two days after the letter was sent to the President, Duncan sent another missive to Secretary of State John Kerry with the warning that “Argentina may be trying to support Iran’s illegal nuclear program” and demands that Kerry consider possible ties between Fernandez’ government and “the greatest world sponsor of terrorism”. Around the same time, Republican Senator for Illinois Mark Kirk sent yet another letter to President Kirchner questioning her dealing with Iran. Postage of this missive and other large expenses of the Senator were financed by Paul Singer through a USD 95.000 donation, according to the International Press Service’s report from August 7th 2013, quoting the Center for Responsive Politics, an organization that monitors political donations in the USA.

Two days after these three letters were sent, prosecutor Nisman began a round of meetings with the heads of the Jewish organizations DAIA and AMIA in which they agreed steps to prevent the implementation of the memorandum with Iran. During these meetings, which took place in a coffee shop on 1601 Juana Manso St. in Puerto Madero (Buenos Aires), Nisman fervently repeated that he was willing to put money “out of his own pocket” to help DAIA destroy the memorandum. “If necessary, Paul Singer will help us”, he declared to his astonished café companions. [emphasis in the English translation]
Cristina also made her own statement taking off from the news report (CFK warns about 'global modus operandi' against 'sovereign nations' Buenos Aires Herald 04/19/2015):

President Cristina Fernández de Kirchner has warned about a “global political operation” that threatens “sovereign nations,” following an article published in Pagina12 newspaper that links the so called “vulture funds” with late AMIA special prosecutor Alberto Nisman, the DAIA Jewish organization, and the political opposition’s rejection of the Iran memorandum. ...

Based on the article, CFK questioned local journalists that put pressure on AMIA and DAIA to oppose the Iran pact, and criticized the way Singer funds lobby groups disguised as NGOs that operate to influence international politics. She also recalled these NGO “hired Argentine politicians” to spread their views.

“We are in front of a global modus operandi that not only damages sovereign nations, interfering and coercing different branches of government, but also generates international political operations of several kinds,” she said in a Facebook post published today in her account.

“Everything has to do with geopolitics and international power. Sometimes this modus operandi has global effects, like banning the possibility of a peace agreement between the US and other powers with Iran over nuclear proliferation, and sometimes it prevents agreements that could contribute to finding the truth about the AMIA terrorist attack,” Ms Kirchner added.

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