Wednesday, May 20, 2015

José Pablo Feinmann on Juan Bautista Alberdi

This is Chapter 3 of the third season of Argentine philosopher José Pablo Feinmann's public TV series Filosofía aquí y ahora, "T3 CAP 3. Alberdi y la Revolucion de mayo," Encuentro n/d YouTube 02/07/2013.

Here he discusses the great Argentine historian, diplomat and political theorist Juan Bautista Alberdi (1810–1884)

The Encuentro summary notes, "Las ideas de Alberdi representan las bases del primer liberalismo argentino." ("Alberdi's ideas represent the basis of the first Argentine liberalism.")

In the lecture, Feinmann notes, "Alberdi mira a la Revolución de Mayo desde el punto de vista es el de las provincias." ("Alberdi sees the Revolución de Mayo from the point of view which is that of the provinces.") The contrast between federalism, which Alberdi defended, and centralism representing the domination of Buenos Aires over the other provinces is a major theme in 19th century Argentine history.

"Alberdi representa a la línea del liberalismo integracionista," says Feinmann. ("Alberdi represents the line of integrationist liberalism.") Integrationist liberalism is Feinmann's term for Alberdi's federalist perspective, as contrasted with the centralist "liberalismo excluyente" (exclusionary liberalism).

Alberdi also did important work on the laws of war and war crimes.

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