Thursday, July 23, 2015

Jerry Brown on being a Catholic

Italian reporters may be having trouble how to process Jerry Brown's public statements as American reports do. (A problem that most California voters don't have.)

David Siders reports on Jerry responding cautiously to a question about his religious identity (Jerry Brown, ‘Are you Catholic?’ Sacramento Bee 07/22/2015):

“I think the formation that I’ve undergone growing up in the Catholic faith, the Catholic religion, puts forth a world that’s orderly, that has purpose and that ultimately is a positive,” Brown said. “And that’s very helpful when you look at a world that looks very much the opposite, in terms of the wars, the corruption and the breakdown. And so even though from an intellectual point of view it looks very dark, in another sense I have great faith and confidence that there is a way forward. And I would attribute that in some way to my Catholic upbringing and training.”

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