Sunday, August 09, 2015

Greeks near a new deal to prolong the extend-and-pretend situation Germany has put them in

Greece is pressing for a decision from the Troika on transfers of money to pay their debts. Reuters reports, using the stigmatizing term "bailout" that hides the national and corporate beneficiaries of the debt repayments (Greece hopes to conclude bailout talks by Aug. 11 08/09/2015):

Greece hopes to conclude negotiations with international creditors by early Tuesday at the latest, a Greek official said as talks continued in Athens on a new multi-billion euro bailout.

Greece's finance and economy ministers were locked in negotiations with representatives of creditors on Sunday. Greek officials have previously said they expect the bailout accord to go to the country's parliament for approval by Aug. 18.
But Germany is making new demands, saying now that Greek has to take new measures on refugees before they get the help. (Finanzminister könnten Rettungspaket am Freitag beschließen Die Zeit 09.08.32015)

It can by no means be assumed that Germany is now negotiating in good faith.

Greece is working against an August 20 date for a significant payment to the ECB.

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