Saturday, August 08, 2015

The Varoufakis pseudoscandal

Greek police have investigated the Varoufakis pseudoscandal around his emergency planning as Greek Finance Minister for a "Grexit."

The found no "there" there. No surprise at all. (Polizei findet keine Spur von Varoufakis' Hacker-Manöver Süddeutsche Zeitung 08.08.2015)

Varoufakis is still keeping the international public informed via his blog. Here he reproduces an article, Vindicated, while Lagarde emerges a loser? – David Marsh in MarketWatch 08/04/2015. Marsh focuses on whether the IMF will come through with additional funds that were expected but not specifically agreed upon in the July capitulation forced on Greece by Germany:

Something is going badly wrong in relations between Christine Lagarde, the International Monetary Fund’s managing director, and the staff of the institution. Three times this month, in politically fraught negotiations over a Greek debt package, the IMF staff has disavowed its management over providing more loans to Greece as part of the third bailout deal of €82 billion to €86 billion that euro leaders stated they sealed on July 13.

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