Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Bernard-Henri Lévy pronounces on something again [loud groans]

I always leap with joy at the latest column by Bernard-Henri Lévy (NOT).

But it does give me another opportunity to quote the definitive description of him, from Glenn Greenwald: "France’s most celebrated (and easily the world’s most overrated) public intellectual, the philosopher Bernard-Henri Lévy." (France Arrests A Comedian for His Facebook Comments, Showing the Sham of the West's "Free Speech" Celebration The Intercept 01/14/2015)

BHL is now writing on Russia's European Game in Syria Huffington Post 10/14/2015.

BHL says what's happening in Syria is all Obama's fault. Because he wasn't macho enough. Or something. In BHL's words:

There has not been a good solution since that black Wednesday in August 2013, when Syrian President Bashar al-Assad's war machine, by using chemical weapons, crossed the "red line" that US President Barack Obama had warned would trigger an American military response. The moderate opposition still stood, and the Islamic State had not yet emerged from the shadows. Yet, in a shocking last-minute about-face, Obama declined to intervene.
I still should start a Facebook group called "Bernard-Henri Lévy, please just shut the **** up."

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