Sunday, November 15, 2015

Scioli on Macri (Argentine elections)

A week from today is the final round of the Argentine Presidential election pitting Peronist candidate Daniel Scioli against the oligopoly's favorite, Mauricio Macri, who is kind of like an Argentine version of Mitt Romney.

Scioli's electoral alliance is called Frente para la Victoria (FpV). Macri's is called Cambiemos.

Página/12 Scioli: "Hay muchos que están arrepentidos de haber votado a Macri" 09.11.2015 gives an example of the kind of criticism Scioli is directing against Macri in the runoff:

... el candidato del oficialismo señaló que "las propuestas económicas y energéticas" de su rival de Cambiemos, Mauricio Macri, "dan miedo". "Si vamos a dejarnos guiar en el tema energético por un gerente de Shell, así nos va a ir; si vamos a dejarnos guiar por un gerente de Monsanto en la agenda agrícola, así nos va a ir; si vamos a dejarnos guiar por un gerente de Lan Chile, cómo va Aerolíneas a terminar despegando", advirtió.

Por eso, el postulante por el FpV agregó que "cuando Macri habla de lo que va a hacer en materia de Energía, despierta una inmediata reacción porque ya nadie piensa en volver atrás con YPF, porque eso es soberanía".

[... the candidate of the encumbent part signaled that "the economic and energy proposals" of his rival of Cambiemos, Mauricio Macri, "are scary." "If we are going to turn over the direction of our energy team to a manager of Shell, that's how things will go for us {i.e., things will go the way Shell wants}; If we are going to turn over the direction of our agricultural agenda to a Monsanto manager, that's how things will go for us; if we are going to turn over the direction to a LAN Chile manager, how is Aerolíneas going to get off the ground," he warned.

For this reason, the FpV candidate added that "when Macri talks about what's going to happen in matters of the Energy Department, he awakes an immediate reaction because really no one is thinking about going backwards with YPF, because that is sovereignty."]
Scioli's references to the national airline Aerolíneas and the energy compnay YPF, he's naming the two most significant enterprises that were privatized under neoliberal practices and re-nationalized during Cristina Fernandez' Presidency as measures to defend Argentina's sovereignty and prosperity.

Scioli and Macri have a debate tonight. The Buenos Aires Herald reports (Scioli seeks to turn the tables with debate 11/15/2015):

Regarding economic issues, Scioli and Macri will be asked to debate over inflation, employment and social security as well as subsidies and foreign currency restrictions.

The two candidates will also have to refer to security and human rights, explaining their proposals on sensitive areas such as drug-trafficking — a topic that was brought into the political spotlight by the Supreme Court with the creation of a judicial commission to fight narcotics, human-trafficking, gender and what they should do with the security forces and the secret services — which were reformed earlier this year by the Kirchnerite [FpV] administration after the mysterious death of former AMIA special prosecutor Alberto Nisman.

The future of the trials for dictatorship-era crimes can be among the topics that the two nominees will discuss, with human rights groups preparing to endorse Scioli’s presidential bid ahead of the runoff with Macri.

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