Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Scioli vs. Macri in the Argentine Presidential election

Argentina's Presidential runoff election between Peronist Daniel Scioli and oligopolist Mauricio Macri takes place this Sunday, November 22.

This past Sunday, the two candidates debated. Here are the Spanish-language videos of the debates from TV Pública Argentina.

#ElDebateEnTVP - Tema: Desarrollo económico y humano - 15-11-15 (16:20):

#ElDebateEnTVP - Tema: Educación e infancia - 15-11-15 (14:56):

#ElDebateEnTVP - Tema: Seguridad y DD HH - 15-11-15 (13:58):

#ElDebateEnTVP - Tema: Fortalecimiento democrático - 15-11-15 (14:35):

#ElDebateEnTVP - Palabras finales - 15-11-15 (5:24):

The news team of TV Pública Argentina evaluated the debate afterwards. It's safe to say they were more favorably impressed by Scioli's performance. Visión 7 - Balances después del debate entre Scioli y Macri (45:03)

One of Scioli's main arguments is in favor of continuing the capital controls with which Cristina Fernández' government has managed price controls and promoted the development of domestic industry. Another is that he wants to continue resisting the blackmail being conducted by American vulture funds against Argentina. Macri has tried to avoid specifics. But it seems pretty clear that he will try to come to terms with the vulture funds that will be unfavorable to his country. And that he will push for a devaluation against the dollar that would produce a level of inflation that would reverse many of the gains that the previous two "kirchnerist" governments have achieved.

The Argentine Sub-Secretary for External Commerce, Paula Español, warns in an interview about the negative consequences of the kind of trade liberalization advocated by Macri's economic advisers, i.e., dropping import controls, along with devaluation. (“Pone en riesgo la industria” Página/12 18.11.2015) Macri wants to go back to the kind of neoliberal/Washington Consensus model that predominated in the 1990s and led to the financial crisis of 2001, which produced a major governmental crisis, as well. Español told Página/12 that the sectors she expected to be most adversely affected would be "textiles, autos, auto parts, wood and furniture, footware and toys."

The Buenos Aires Herald reports (‘There is a triangle of regression: IMF, vultures and the alliance candidate’ 11/18/2015)

From the province of Santa Fe, where he is campaigning ahead of Sunday presidential runoff, the Victor Front candidate Daniel Scioli insisted he is the guarantee of the “exchange rate stability” and was confident that “many are analyzing their vote.”

He continued: “There is a triangle of regression: IMF, vultures and the alliance candidate,” he said, referring to his contender from the Let’s Change [Cambiemos] coalition, Mauricio Macri.

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