Sunday, November 22, 2015

The Greatest ISIS Generation?

Generalissimo Tom Brokaw was on Meet the Press this morning describing how the US is at war (aren't we always?) with The Terrorists, ISIS specifically, and explaining how We have to conduct it.

Tom Brokaw on ISIS: "We're at War" 11/22/2015:

And according to him, we won't be able to count on our European allies. I guess because our European allies are never targeted by The Terrorists.

Fortunately, respectable news organizations don't allow journalists to express political opinions: Hadas Gold, CNN reporter suspended after tweet on refugees Politico 11/19/15

Otherwise, We might think Generalissimo Tom was shamelessly warmongering instead of objectively commenting on the situation.

Kathleen Parker sounds like the sensible one in this clip, God help us. And of course, we need to go all Greatest Generation on The Evil Ones, too. I feel like I'm watching a bad remake of a bad clown movie.

There's nothing quite like watching the Sunday morning shoes to diminish your faith in the future of the human race.

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